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Hangover and the state

"Finch, finch, where have you been? On Fontanka drank vodka. Drank a glass, drank two, buzzing in my head..."

Says Victor Efimov, Rector SPbGAU:

- So why are we no one explains why the noise in your head? In fact, everything is simple: when alcohol enters the bloodstream, it degreases the surface of erythrocytes (red blood cells) and they begin to have a new feature - they flow not individually, but in the form of agglomerated clusters of red blood cells. Once you have formed such a bunch of red blood cells, and the vessel is narrow, and a bunch of suits thrombosing it. Accordingly, no further blood can pass and those cells which experience anoxia physiologically die.

At a time when the death of the individual begins microsites human brain and was in a state of euphoria.

Learn more about vodka in particular and about alcohol in general you can, view offers video.

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