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Books on harm of alcohol (page 2)

Lecture of Academician F.G. Uglov at All-union conference on a fight against alcoholism, Dzerzhinsk, 1981 the "Medical and social consequences using of alcohol" (0,1 Mb)  -  Download

Brochure of Academician of Russian Academy of medical Science F.G. Uglov "Suicide" (0,1 Mb)  -  Download

Article about a priest from the village of Katyuzhanka, Vyshgorodskyi district (Ukraine), helping to rid of alcoholic dependence (0,1 Mb)  -  Download

Oleg Stetsenko’s book, doctor-expert in a narcology with experience of sobriety, "How do not drink?" (0,3 Mb)  -  Download

Presentation about the terrible consequences using of alcohol when the man drives a car (0,5 Mb)  -  Download

A very cognitive book of prognosis-analytical center of Academy of Management the global and regional processes of social and economic development is "Weapon of genocide: suicide of people and his mechanisms" (2,5 Mb)  -  Download

The article is oriented to the children and teenagers, written with an accessible language "About smoking, alcohol" (0,3 Mb)  -  Download

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