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Books on harm of alcohol (page 3)

Brochure of candidate of chemical science E.P. Klimenko " Bitter truth about beer". Moscow 2007 year (0,5 Mb)  -  Download

Book about harm of alcohol, written in 2008 S.A. Sushinskiy, "I choose sobriety" (3,9 Mb)  -  Download

L. Popov’s book "Alcohol and life" for out-of-school work with student groups (0,8 Mb)  -  Download

Book of famous fighter with nicotine, now already with alcoholic dependence, Alain Karr "Easy method to give up to drink" (0,3 Mb)  -  Download

Leaflet, showing dependence of population’s death level from the level of the use of alcohol  -  Download

Leaflet, showing the level of the use of alcohol the population of Ukraine in the period of 1880-2008 years  -  Download

Leaflet, showing the pernicious affecting of alcohol to child’s organism  -  Download

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