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Books on harm of alcohol (page 4)

Book of Alexander Ivanovich Chernyshev "Medicine and Orthodoxy in a fight against a drunkenness" (0,2 Mb)  -  Скачать

Interview with an academician by Vladimir Georgievich Zhdanov, "Thanksgiving published in the fourth producing of magazine with Love" (0,3 Mb)  -  Скачать

Book of Vadim Lapshichev the most "Reliable and truthful method of releasing from any harmful habit. Method of Shichko." (0,2 Mb)  -  Скачать

Book of V.G. Zhdanov and S.I. Troitskoy "Alcoholic terror" (1,2 Mb)  -  Скачать

Book of priest Igor Bachinin "How to organize society of sobriety on arrival" (1,5 Mb)  -  Скачать

The article is "To be taken lightly not lessons", published in a newspaper "Local demand" and narrating about the raid of activists of antialcoholic project "Common cause" for to the cities of the Ivanovo area of Russian Federation (0,1 Mb)  -  Скачать

Аntialcoholic article of psychotherapist Е. Batrakov "Be in a form" (0,1 Mb)  -  Скачать

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