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Sites antialcohol themes (page 2)  -  a site is contained many popular scientific reasons and publications about influence of alcohol on posterity of parents using an alcohol...  -  it is a site of the Ukrainian videostudio "True of PRO", created the enthusiasts of the Volynskiyi regional benevolent fund "Transforming". A site contains payment download of plenty author’s films of an antialcogolic and antinarcotic subject...  -  it is a site of the Ukrainian project "Facts about an alcohol", the basic task of which is a help in liberation already dependency upon an alcohol and warning not beginning to use him yet...  -  it is a site of the largest Ukrainian antialcogolic public action "Sober Ukraine". Enormous amount of materials on an antialcogolic subject...  -  it is a site "Sober Kiev". Latest news on an antialcogolic subject...  -  site "Sober Kovel". On a site unique materials are given about that, how advertising of alcohol and tobacco is conducted among schoolboys 6-7 classes...

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