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Sites antialcohol themes (page 3)  -  a site is devoted F.G. Uglov, great surgeon, academician of Russian Academy of medical science and leader of All-russian sober action. On a site all of his books are accessible for reading on an antialcogolic subject...  -  the Russian site narrating about harm of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Also on a site materials are placed about treatment of alcoholism folk remedies...  -  the very informing Russian site narrating about harm of alcohol and illuminating alcoholic problems from the unexpected point of view...  -  it is a site of leading antialcogolic organization of Russia "Union of fight for folk sobriety"  -  it is the informative system on the prophylaxis of alcoholic, tobacco and other problems  -  it is an internet-version of edition of all-russian John the Baptist of orthodox fraternity of "Trezvenie", goes out from June, 2005...

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