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Sites antialcohol themes (page 6)  -  it is a site "Know TRUE", containing the great number of reasons and lectures (video, audio, text) on an antinarcotic and antialkogol'nuyu subject. Purpose of site to carry to the people information which can help to break from the former stereotypes of thought...  -  it is a site of "Hangover - no!". All about treatment of alcoholism. Also on a site it is possible to pass an exclusive test on dependence on an alcohol, developed the specialists of clinic of "Alkomed"...  -  it is Treatment of alcoholism. How to be delivered from dependence? Treatment of alcoholism folk facilities, prayers, special physical exercises...  -  it is Reliable scientific information about the alcoholic problems of Russia and in a civilized manner near countries, and also possible ways of their decision...  -  it is the Russian folk server against drugs. The prosecution of resource is conducted with participation of practicing doctors-experts in a narcology and psychiatrists.  -  it is the High-quality selection of text materials about alcoholism. News and articles on an antialkogol'nuyu subject...

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